Building Effective Teams

Internal teams are instrumental in assessing challenges, working to forge improvements, and addressing organizational issues.  Teaming is an important way to involve key people in investing in their collective success and that of the business or organization.  Horizon Performance Solutions will assist you and your team in "storming, forming, and focusing" to effectively address the issues of interest or concern.

Meeting Facilitation

Teams may need a facilitator to support the dialogue and to keep the group on track and effective in their actions.  This focusing assistance reduces distractions and emphasizes leadership within and for the team.  We will provide facilitation and focusing support for your team efforts.

Training and Workshops

Even highly skilled and accomplished professionals benefit from on-going training and refinement.  Team dynamics and sound communication principles are not always second-nature.  Let us support and assist you and your teams in developing improved skills and capacity to harness the best performance and outcomes for their effort.

Team and Performance Support

You receive tailored support in goal setting and achievement,

problem solving, and optimal synergy for personal and group success.

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DiSC Assessment

Create more effective working relationships by gaining insights into your own behavior and better understanding and appreciating the work styles of your colleagues.‚Äč

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