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Organizational Development

You receive thoughtful assistance in growing your organization's capacity

and impact through enhanced assessment, training methods, and strategies.

Professional Development, Training and Workshops

Investing in the professional development of your people is central to building and sustaining high performance and productive outcomes.  Your greatest resources are your human resources.​ Horizon Performance Solutions will provide you with tailored training, workshops, and consulting support that is specific to your workforce performance goals.

Strategic Design 

Understanding your organization's present condition and where you want or need to go for success is a central aspect of strategic planning.  You will be better for characterizing your best future.  Horizon Performance Solutions believes that effective strategic planning considers what is possible, recognizes what is necessary, and drives preparation for success.  We can help you accomplish that vital vision.  

Organizational Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis  

How well you understand your organization's position in relation to the world around it is a key factor in your success.  Organizational self-assessment and informed action separates high-performance from sub-optimized results.  We help you learn about the internal and external factors impacting your outcomes and how to foster positive change. 

Organizational Alignment

How well an organization gains alignment of people

and purpose will directly correlate to success ​over

time.  If done well, remarkable outcomes can be

​attained and sustained.  We will support you in

​achieving critical organizational alignment.