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Leadership Development

You receive focused engagement that recognizes and harnesses the talents

of individuals and groups for effective impact on desired outcomes and success.

Training and Workshops

Leadership is at the core of your success.  Leadership demonstrated by individuals and by teams influences your impact in the larger context - within the marketplace, agency, corporation, or community.

Horizon Performance Solutions will work with you to identify areas for refinement and provide you tailored leadership training and support in order to expand the capacity among your staff and teams.

Individual Coaching

Everyone needs support and encouragement in their professional lives at various stages in order to maintain their balance, focus, and momentum.  We will work with you and your staff to provide on-going coaching to individuals or groups that will foster enhanced leadership and climates of commitment.

Leader-Follower Orientation

Leaders follow and followers lead; that is to say, we all have, or do, work for someone.  Horizon Performance Solutions will assist you in characterizing your leadership culture and how that supports sound followership.  We will help you foster an atmosphere of excellence where everyone understands their role and how to best fill it.  We will help you grow leaders.