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Horizon Performance Solutions provides me the opportunity to share and advance the experience and insights I gained throughout my years of service, advanced education, work as a special staff detailee to the Department of Homeland Security, partnering with myriad organizations, agencies, and business people, and in working my way from the "bottom" of the Coast Guard to its upper reaches. While my achievements are not unique, they have afforded me considerable visibility on leadership, performance, team dynamics, and strategic thinking - on achieving success.

Focus and Intent

Horizon Performance Solutions is a leadership and organizational development consulting company. Our focus and intent is to assist and support you in your success - as an individual, group, or organization. Through our services you will receive the personal attention, tailored support, focused engagement, and thoughtful assistance to optimize your performance and foster a culture of success. Your success is our success.

Horizon Performance Solutions is ideally suited for corporate teams, small businesses, government agencies, public service organizations, and individuals. We will provide training, coaching, facilitation, and support to assist you in realizing your success. We will be at your side as you foster growing capacity and cohesion within your team or organization. Horizon Performance Solutions will assist you in your pursuit of extraordinary performance.

 - Steve Wischmann, President/CEO

"Operating with strategic intent is about thoughtful vision - identifying productive goals and working towards them with commitment.

Progress is not measured by busyness but by outcomes."

I formed Horizon Performance Solutions following my retirement from the United States Coast Guard after nearly three decades of service. That professional experience began for me as an enlisted person, led to Officer Candidate School, and culminated in my having four command cadre assignments and achieving the rank of Captain. Throughout this tremendous journey, I had the pleasure of working with the finest people in the world - both within and outside the Coast Guard.

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